University of Bremen

Three departments of the University of Bremen are involved in 3D MASSOMICS: MALDI Imaging Lab, Islet Biology Lab and Center for Industrial Mathematics,.

MALDI Imaging Lab

MALDI Imaging Lab (MIL) is a university core facility providing MALDI-IMS service measurements to internal and external users. MIL is a joint venture of Department of Chemistry and Biology and Center for Industrial Mathematics at University of Bremen. MIL is a unique in Germany MALDI-IMS core facility and has a unique standing in comparison to other core facilities in France, Finland, and USA, since it provides data analysis service together with raw data collection.

Islet Biology Lab

Islet Biology Lab (IBL) is at Centre of Biomolecular Interactions (CBIB), University of Bremen. CBIB involves nine research laboratories and one Medical Centre and fosters interdisciplinary research addressing the fundamental mechanisms of molecular interactions. Islet Biology Lab focuses on mechanisms of β-cell failure and inflammation within the pancreatic islets in diabetes.

Center for Industrial Mathematics

The Center for Industrial Mathematics (ZeTeM) at the University of Bremen presently employs 48 scientists and has considerable expertise in research and industrial projects. Formulation of complex problems from the natural sciences and engineering using modern methods of applied mathematics is the main objective of this institution.  Life Science group at ZeTeM has been founded in 2009 and is led by Theodore Alexandrov. The group develops new mathematical methods for mass spectrometry, in particular, for imaging mass spectrometry and has provided a substantial contribution into this new computational field.